Case Studies

Christchurch City Council

IoT Innovation Situation Following the significant earthquakes of 2010/2011, Christchurch City Council (CCC) put aside funds for 'Sensing Cities' initiatives. In November 2015, the Smart Cities programme was initiated to carry out rapid proof of concept projects.   Challenge The Council selected PiP IoT for a pilot to test new sensor technology in the war against overflowing rubbish bins, with the objective of creating operational efficiencies and an enhanced streetscape for citizens.     Solution PiP IoT has rolled out LevelSense devices to ten bins around rubbish trouble spots, including a city park and retail area. Alerts are being sent to contractors’ phones, and bin status across the city can be viewed in an online dashboard telling them how full each bin is....

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Paua in New Zealand

IoT Innovation Situation Moana is the largest Maori owned Fisheries Company in New Zealand and operates a commercial Pāua farm on the East Coast of Northland. The Pāua grown at this facility are some of the highest quality farmed Pāua (also known internationally as Blue Abalone) in the world.   Challenge In order to grow well, Pāua require a water temperature range between 17.5˚ and 18˚C. They are especially susceptible to water that is too warm. In the summer of 2016, a heatwave caused Moana to lose a significant amount of stock at their Northland Pāua farm - It was essential that this did not happen again. Moana contracted Auckland Company, Hot Water Heatpumps to provide heat and chill pump...

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