IoT Malta


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A wireless Smart Parking Sigfox sensor that enables you to monitor parking spots or reserved area occupancy.

Operating with the latest technological components and software allows IoT Park to have low battery consumption, lasting 10+ years including daily movements of 25 cars.


  • IoT Park is available in both surface mounted and flush mounted and take as little as 5 minutes to install, with no wiring and minimal civil works.
  • Data sent by sensor include occupancy, temperature and battery voltage.


  • IoTPark device
  • 12 month Platinum Subscription with up to 140 Uplinks and 4 Downlink Connection frames per day
  • Includes IoT Malta - IoTPark platform
  • Built-in Battery with 10+ years life expectancy.
SigFox Ready Certified.
4-6 week lead time on this product.