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The Sens'it is a great tool for trialling Sigfox technology via a free App and free online platform - or integrate with your own IoT platform.

The Sens'it 2.0 consists of 5 sensors and a button. Each sensor is associated with a colour LED to display the selected mode.

Sens'it can be used for almost anything - The only real limit is your imagination, so test your first Sens'it and have fun!


  • Measure and detect changes in temperature or humidity in your building
  • Use light sensors to detect when a box is opened or when a light is not turned off
  • Track when doors are opening and closing
  • Detect when something has moved
  • Use the magnet for a personalized opening detector
  • Use button to send a pre-configured message on social networks or SMS
  • Includes Free App and demo platform


  • Sens'it device
  • Built-in rechargeable battery via USB.
  • 12 month 'Silver' Sigfox subscription with up to 50 Uplinks and 1 Downlink Connection frame per day
  • Free App and demo platform
SigFox Ready Certified.
2-4 week lead time on this product.