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The Oyster is a low-profile, rugged GPS device designed to connect to the Sigfox network for tracking non-powered assets where ultra-long battery life is required, without sacrificing the frequency of updates (up to 140x /day) and performance.


  • IP67 rated housing (waterproof, dustproof, rugged)
  • Up to 5 years or more battery life
  • High-performance ublox GPS with an autonomous offline assist
  • 3D accelerometer to detect movement and to launch GPS


  • Oyster device
  • 12 month 'Silver' Sigfox subscription with up to 50 Uplinks and 1 Downlink Connection frame per day
  • Includes 12 month subscription to Telematics Guru platform (24 frames/day)
  • 3x Advanced Lithium 1.5V AA batteries included
Configuration cable not included (can be configured over the air via Telematics Guru platform).
SigFox Ready Certified.