Smart Buildings

Maintain, monitor and secure your buildings for maximum efficiency.

Building Automation

Improve building efficiency and security.
Low cost, autonomous and wireless Sigfox ready sensors can quickly and cost-effectively be installed to monitor systems, such as HVAC, lighting, power, fire, and security systems. They also allow you to monitor and control operational parameters such as temperature, occupancy, and humidity. These sensors run on the same battery for years, allowing you to reduce the cost of maintenance and control, providing you with added insight to help improve building efficiency and security.

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Secure Building Sites

Operate alarm units on battery power, anywhere on a site.
Traditional alarms and CCTV systems are costly to install on a construction site and can be time-consuming to configure. This makes them an unattainable option for many job sites, especially unpowered locations, short-term projects and sites with multiple structures. Connected to the Sigfox network, the next generation of wireless alarms – which use presence detection sensors – are a perfect fit for early-stage projects and unpowered sections or construction sites.

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Manage Building Efficiency

Monitor and optimise your infrastructure in real-time.
Avoid spending unnecessary time and money on manual onsite meter readings and data processing. Once switched on, smart meters will transmit data immediately over the Sigfox network – without requiring pairing or configuration – and will also run on the same battery for years. This real-time data makes it easier to monitor and optimise your infrastructure so you can detect leaks, automate billing using the data input, remotely activate and deactivate services, or see when services have been accidentally left on – or switched off and take action appropriately.

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Track The Trash

Cut down on unnecessary waste collections and save on fees.
Focus your time on what really matters – let smart meters ‘take out the trash’ for you. Once your dumpster is full, a message will be sent to the cloud automatically triggering a waste collection request. A simple temperature sensor and a fire alarm can also be added and triggered at the appropriate time. This offers convenience, safety and cuts down on collection requests or wasted collection fees when bins are empty.

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Power And Air-conditioning

Check functionality with just the touch of a button.
It might surprise you how often building or facilities managers want to know if the air-conditioning is operating correctly or if the power is on at remote sites. By installing a Sigfox-enabled temperature and power sensors into these sites, you will instantly have this information at your fingertips to allow you to take the appropriate action.

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