Smart Cities

Improve liveability.

Street Lighting

Improve service and lower cost.
Plan maintenance operations by detecting overheating, power supply shortage, and broken bulbs. Deploy workers only when necessary instead of routine maintenance checks in areas that do not require attention. Citizens get a better service, safer streets and you benefit from lower costs due to power and maintenance savings.

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Smart Parking

Knowing parking lot and garage occupancy is of great value to parking management facilities, so they can monitor availability for customers.
Optimising parking can reduce air pollution, ease congestion and lower stress levels. Tracking is done remotely and automatically, which allows overnight and long-term lots to be monitored 24/7.

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Water Meters

Water is a precious resource.
Prevent overflow, measure storm water buffer tank levels, track drinking water supply, and monitor water use with ultrasonic sensors. These sensors provide crucial data on important water infrastructure conditions, which aids in preventing malfunctions and flooding and lower cost in usage and bill reconciliation.

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Environmental Monitoring

Sigfox-enabled sensors are easy to install and affordable to operate so that a whole municipality can be covered to track dozens of metrics, including humidity, temperature, rain fall, air quality, and more.
With improved data, it’s easy to build interactive and real time mapping of a number of environmental factors such as air pollution to give you valuable insight for future planning and resource management.

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