Smart Environment

Protect your valuable resources.

Water Quality

Monitor water quality, over large areas, from anywhere.
An IoT enabled water sensor can monitor oxygen, conductivity, PH levels and turbidity remotely making it easier to keep an eye on water quality – including that over a large area. Remote monitoring also allows you to prioritise where to send your resources to maximise efficiency.

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Flood Monitoring

Anticipate issues before they arise.
Deploy IoT enabled sensors along flood-prone areas for early detection and warning. Anticipate road closures and health and safety issues and take the necessary action to avoid potential disasters and harm to livestock and/or property.

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Weather Monitoring

Optimise labour, water usage and crop health.
Stop relying on inaccurate, imprecise information from meteorology reports and weather apps or spending hours manually checking rain gauges. Weather condition monitoring solutions provide you with the data you need to make accurately informed decisions on things that may be dependent on weather conditions. Remotely access real-time information about rainfall, temperature changes, wind conditions, air pressure, and humidity for your precise location.

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