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Automate admin so your staff can focus on what matters most.
Reduce the time your staff spend on admin, ordering of supplies and paperwork so they can focus on what matters most to your business and its customers. Simple button devices, connected to the Sigfox IoT network, make it easier for stores and supplies managers to reduce costs and better predict client needs. When stock needs refilling or facilities need maintenance, clients simply push the button and an alert is sent via the Sigfox network to the facility manager’s dashboard, who can then schedule fulfilment of the order. This data can also be used to predict future alerts over time. Swift completion increases the cost and efficiency associated with just in time delivery, while removing the need for tiresome paperwork by health staff who are better utilised looking after their patients.

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Fall Detection

Assistance at the push of a button.
Falls are a major cause of death and injury for elderly and disabled people. Working for many months on just a single charge, an IoT connected watch will automatically trigger an alert if the wearer suffers a fall, or if the panic button is pushed. The embedded GPS chip also enables caretakers and family members to locate their loved ones if they have become disoriented or lost.

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