Smart Industry

Increase production by monitoring key systems and processes in real-time.

Smart Supply Chain

Reduce costs and anticipate customer needs.
Through the use of simple button devices, connected to the Sigfox IoT network, your facilities manager will be equipped with the information they need to reduce costs, predict client needs and delight your customers with exceptional service. When stock needs refilling or facilities need maintenance, customers push a button and an alert is sent to the facility manager’s dashboard who can then immediately schedule the work. Over time, this data can also be used to identify trends and predict future requirements.

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Inventory Monitoring

Keep track of inventory at all times.
If you’re manually monitoring the level of your storage tanks, you’ll know just how inaccurate the data can be; and how time-consuming the process is. IoT enabled inventory monitoring solutions to replace manual readings and give you real-time visibility of tank levels. Always know exactly how much water, fuel or inventory you have on hand and be alerted to leaks – or increased demand – so you can take action. There’s also an option to add a security sensor so you can protect your precious inventory from theft.

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