Smart Living

Keep track of your household and its members.

You've Got Mail

An IoT connected mailbox provides residents and homeowners with package arrival notifications, making mailboxes more secure and cutting down on unnecessary trips to the mailbox. Get an alert if an unexpected delivery arrives while you are away.

Mail Solutions Coming Soon

Adventure Sports

IoT enabled tracking is already a hot topic in the world of outdoor sports. Athletes like runners, trailers, skiers, climbers, hikers, and paraglider pilots can share their location without the hassle of carrying a smartphone. In the event of an emergency, an SOS message can be deployed through the tracker.

Sporting Solutions Coming Soon

Connected Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are a critical life-saving device. IoT connected smoke detectors transmit functional information through the Sigfox network and can send real-time alerts to your service centre. Alerts can be configured to phone calls, SMS, and emails, alerting property owners when a smoke detector is malfunctioning or smoke is detected. Ideal for your own home or perhaps one of an elderly relative.

Detector Solutions Coming Soon

Keep Tags on your bags

Losing your luggage when travelling can be somewhat of a nightmare! Put an IoT connected tracker in your bag to track the position of your luggage, golf clubs, or skis on your smartphone while travelling.

Luggage Solutions Coming Soon