Terms & Conditions

Term and Conditions

The terms and conditions set out below govern the purchase of your IoT Device and, where applicable, the connection of your IoT Device to the Sigfox Low Power Wide Area network (“Sigfox Network”) and Kordia’s management of such connection.  Where you are purchasing just the IoT Device and you do not have an existing connection services agreement with Kordia then you will need to contact Kordia in relation to the provision of connection services to you.  Your IoT Device will not function on the Sigfox Network without connection services being provided separately.

1. Connection terms and conditions

In addition to the purchase of IoT Device(s) via this website, you may also elect to receive a managed service from Kordia which includes connection and management of your IoT Device on the Sigfox Network. Kordia and Thinxtra Pty Limited (Thinxtra) have entered into a reseller agreement for Kordia to resell low-throughput connectivity services onto the SigFox network.

a. Login information

i. Kordia will provide any relevant login information required for connection of your IoT Device to the Sigfox network to you via email following completion of your purchase of the IoT Device.  

b. Use of the Sigfox network

You shall:

i. refrain from using the Sigfox Network in connection with illegal activities (terrorism, crime, etc.) and/or military applications designed for the military items;
ii. refrain from using the Sigfox Network to store or transmit libellous, or otherwise unlawful material, or to store or transmit in breach of third-party privacy rights;
iii. refrain from interfering with or disrupting the integrity of the SigFox Network;
iv. refrain from gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to the SigFox Network or its related systems;
v. refrain from reverse engineering, disassembling or decompiling any software code embedded in the IoT Device, the Sigfox Network or related to the connection services in any way; and
vi. respect all related laws and regulations in force.

c. Suspension of the service

i. If you materially breach these terms and conditions Kordia (may without limiting its other rights and remedies) terminate your SigFox connection for your IoT Devices.

d. Termination by KORDIA

KORDIA may, on written notice to you, terminate your Sigfox connection where:

i. Kordia no longer has the right to sell Sigfox connections;
ii. it is a requirement to terminate the connection in accordance with an order from law enforcement, a judicial body, or other government agency or regulatory body; or
iii. provision of the Sigfox connection is or may become unlawful under any applicable law.

e. Coverage

i. Sigfox network coverage can be viewed at sigfox.com/en/coverage. The map shown at this link is only a guide and not a guarantee of service level.

f. Roaming

i. Your IoT Device is for use in New Zealand only. Where your IoT Device roams on another territory’s network you will be liable to pay all applicable roaming charges to Kordia, in New Zealand dollars. Kordia may, in its sole discretion, terminate your SigFox connection where your IoT Device roams on another territory’s network.

g. Charges

i. You will pay Kordia all charges for the connection and managed services as agreed between you and Kordia in writing.
ii. The charges payable will depend on the features and characteristics of the connectivity service which you choose and any options or features that you choose to include and these will be agreed in writing between you and Kordia.

h. Support

All applicable manufacturer warranties in relation to the IoT Device will be passed through to you by Kordia.  Kordia will provide support services via email during normal business hours in relation to your IoT Device and/or your connection services.

2. Communication and Promotion

You will not issue any press release nor make any public statement referencing Kordia, Thinxtra and/or SigFox without the prior written consent from the relevant parties. You must not use any marketing tools or communications in any form that use or reference the Kordia, Thinxtra and/or SigFox logo and/or trademark unless you have prior authorisation in writing from the relevant parties.

3. No resale

a)  You must not resell the IoT Device(s) and/or connection services other than in accordance with a resale agreement executed by both you and Kordia.

4. Confidential Information

You must keep any confidential information relating to the business of Kordia, Thinxtra and/or SigFox (including technical specifications, reports and other information, operating procedures and instructions and other trade secrets and know-how) confidential, except to the extent that disclosure or use is:

a) required to be made by law;
b) to your professional advisers on a need to know basis;
c) of information that has become public other than from a breach of any obligation of confidentiality.

5. Governing Law

This Agreement is governed by New Zealand law. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand Courts.