Xkit Arduino Dev kit


Xkit Arduino Dev kit

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The perfect way to get started with Sigfox.

The Thinxtra Xkit boasts a full suite of features and accessories, to empower anyone to set up an IoT solution, even with very little hardware experience.

Perfect for start-ups, design houses, universities and schools, the kit has everything you need to hit the ground running using the globally available Sigfox network.


Included In the box:

  • Thinxtra Shield (temp, pressure, light, shock, 3D accelerometer, 2 LEDs & button)
  • Arduino Uno R3 board clone (already plugged in to the shield)
  • External Antenna 8.5cm for best connectivity
  • USB cable included (to plug to Raspberry Pi or PC or use to re-flash the Arduino board)


  • Xkit Arduino Dev kit
  • Accessories as above
  • 12 month Platinum Sigfox Subscription with up to 140 Uplinks and 4 Downlink Connection frames per day
Battery: Powered via USB or optional 9V Battery (not included).
Platform: Not Applicable.
USB port (cable included).